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Our Services

We offer competitive rates and will customize our fee structure to accommodate your individual needs.
Our staff works tirelessly, around the clock, for quick recovery of collateral.
Our investigative techniques and skip-tracing expertise is one of the keys to our success.
Our staff is well versed in the legal issues governing our industry, minimizing the risk of legal action against your company.
Another hallmark of our service is damage-free recovery of collateral. Wheel Lifts are used exclusively to minimize potential damage to vehicles. During the recovery of collateral, we do not remove locks or hot wire ignitions, which often result in damage to the vehicle. These actions result in complaints or reduced prices at auction - costing your institution money.

Involuntary Repossessions
Voluntary Repossessions
Lease Returns
Commercial/Industrial Repo
Field Visits

We can assist you in recovering automobiles, trucks, boats, motor homes, motorcycles, water craft, and miscellaneous equipment!

Vehicle bail outs and Oklahoma repo titles.

Indoor storage

Personal property is stored indoors at our climate controlled facility.

Electronic security system monitoring

All our data is secured by firewall, antivirus, and daily backups.

We utilize N.A.M.S. & RDN to manage our client's accounts.